Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today's Random Ass Thoughts

What the hell is going on with this weather?! I mean is it not October 28th, so I am baffled as to why it feels like mid June outside. It is nice to have this gorgeous weather, but it is alarming. If you ever doubted global warming, then come to Baltimore at this very moment…I wish my hair would grow at least an inch a month…I need to get so much done tonight…I am soo excited that my grandmother has decided to receive treatment for her cancer…So at this very moment, I should be working on a statistics project due very soon however I could care less about kurtosis or standard deviation (I sound smart don’t I?!)…On my commute home, all 5 minutes of it, I was thinking about risk aversion. Generally when I make my mind up about something I am going to do, I make like Nike and just do it, corny yes I know, lol…cut off all my hair, no problem!  Get 5 stars tattooed on my right ankle, no problem! Why can’t my heart have the same gusto? My heart is envious of my brain’s ability to take the risk or in the words of my granny “am it and do it.”  So for the next few weeks leading up to my 26th birthday, my hope is that my heart grows some damn balls and “am it and do it…”


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